January 6, 2024

Get Into Same-Day Admission Rehab

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Overcoming an addiction can be challenging, yet persisting with drug and alcohol use poses many health and safety risks. If you’ve made the decision to address substance abuse, seeking an immediate drug detox could be life-saving. Attempting to detox at home, on the other hand, can be dangerous and potentially deadly.

Read on to learn how to get same-day admission rehab for emergency detox and 24-hour inpatient rehab in California.

If you or a loved one need immediate admission into an addiction treatment program, call our team today at 800-994-2184.

What Is Same-Day Inpatient Rehab?

Same-day inpatient rehab goes by many names, including emergency inpatient rehab and immediate admission rehab. This approach promises immediate admission to a rehabilitation facility. Immediate rehab is designed to provide prompt care for individuals seeking recovery from substance use disorders (the clinical term for addiction). The focus is on quickly transitioning individuals from the decision to seek treatment to the initiation of a structured rehabilitation program within the same day. The goal is to address the urgency of the situation and prevent delays in accessing essential care for overcoming addiction.

Get Same-Day Admission to Rehab Today

Call our experienced recovery team and we'll get into treatment within 24 hours. Insurance coverage available.

How Do I Find a Same-Day Detox Center?

Finding a same-day detox center involves a few steps:

      • Search online directories: Utilize online directories or substance abuse treatment databases to find detox centers in your area. These platforms often provide information about the services offered, facility amenities, and contact details.

      • Contact helplines: Substance abuse helplines or hotlines can provide immediate assistance and guide you toward an emergency detox center. Professionals staffing these helplines can offer valuable information and support.

      • Consult healthcare providers: Reach out to your healthcare provider, therapist, or counselor for recommendations. They may have insights into reputable detox centers and they can help you navigate the process.

      • Check with insurance providers: Contact your health insurance provider to inquire about coverage for detox services. They can provide a list of in-network facilities, making it easier for you to choose a same-day detox center.

      • Read reviews and testimonials: Explore online reviews and testimonials from individuals who have undergone detox at specific centers. This can provide insights into the quality of care and the experiences of others.

      • Visit facility websites: Take the time to visit the websites of potential detox centers. Look for information on treatment approaches, staff credentials, and any specialized programs that may be offered.

      • Consider location: Assess the location of detox centers in relation to your residence. Choosing a facility that is easily accessible may be important, especially when seeking immediate admission.

      • Reach out directly: Contact detox centers directly to inquire about their admission process, availability, and any specific requirements. Ask about their ability to accommodate same-day admissions. If you need help right away, reach out to Gratitude Lodge any time by calling 800-994-2184. We’ll get you admitted into our rehab centers in Long Beach or Newport Beach the moment you are ready to kickstart your recovery.

    Emergency Addiction Treatment

    When facing a substance use emergency, seeking immediate addiction treatment is alwasy beneficial. Here are some steps to consider if you need help getting into rehab immediately:

    Call emergency services

    If you or someone else is experiencing a life-threatening situation due to substance use, call emergency services immediately. Prompt medical attention can be life-saving in substance-related emergencies.

    Contact a helpline

    Substance abuse helplines or crisis hotlines are available 24/7 to provide support, information, and guidance during emergencies. Professionals on these hotlines can help assess the situation and recommend appropriate next steps, showing you how to get into rehab immediately. Use our confidential helpline if you’re in need of same-day admission to rehab: 800-994-2184

    Visit an emergency room

    In cases of severe intoxication, overdose, or other acute health concerns related to substance use, consider going to the emergency room. Medical professionals can stabilize the peron  and determine the most appropriate course of action.

    Connect with detox centers

    Reach out to detox centers that offer emergency admissions. Some facilities specialize in immediate detoxification, providing a safe and supportive environment for individuals in crisis.

    Involve supportive individuals

    If possible, involve friends, family, or supportive individuals who can assist in the process of finding immediate drug rehab or alcohol rehab. They can provide emotional support, transportation, and help streamline the admissions process.

    Have essential information ready

    When contacting detox centers or emergency services, be prepared to provide essential information, including the substances involved, the person’s medical history, and any immediate concerns about their well-being.

    Follow medical advice

    After seeking emergency treatment, follow the medical advice provided by healthcare professionals. This may include recommendations for ongoing addiction treatment and support.

    Remember that seeking emergency addiction treatment is a proactive step towards recovery, and various resources are available to assist during critical situations. If you or someone else is in immediate danger, prioritize contacting emergency services for prompt intervention.


    Does same-day rehab take insurance?

    Yes, many same-day rehab facilities accept insurance. It’s advisable to contact the specific rehab center to verify your insurance coverage and discuss payment options. This will ensure a seamless admissions process.

    What do I need to bring to emergency inpatient rehab?

    When entering emergency inpatient rehab, essentials include identification, insurance information, a list of current medications, comfortable clothing, personal hygiene items, and any necessary medical records. Check with the rehab facility for specific requirements and prohibitions.

    How do I get into rehab immediately?

    To access immediate rehab, start by contacting rehab centers directly or utilizing helplines to connect with treatment professionals. Be prepared with information about your substance use history, insurance details, and any specific preferences. Some facilities offer same-day admissions based on availability and assessment results

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    Get Same-Day Admission Rehab at Gratitude Lodge

    At Gratitude Lodge in Southern California, we specialize in providing fast and effective admission for drug and alcohol addiction

    Once you qualify for our premier treatment program, we’ll admit you or your loved one into care within 24 hours. If travel arrangements or insurance are a concern, we’ll help you get everything in order as quickly as possible. 

    Our beautiful locations in Newport Beach and Long Beach, CA, offer world-class treatment in a serene natural environment, with 24/7 medical supervision & care. Here, you’ll experience a safe and comfortable detoxification process in a family-like environment. 

    Our treatment programs incorporate a range of evidence-based interventions:

    • Psychotherapy
    • Individual counseling
    • Family therapy
    • Pet-friendly
    • Aftercare and support

    To swiftly move from active addiction to sustained recovery, reach out to Gratitude Lodge. For same-day admission, call 800-994-2184 right away.

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    Joseph Gilmore

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    Jenni Bussi

    Jenni Busse MS, LPCC

    Jenni Busse MS, LPSS is the Clinical Director at Gratitude Lodge. Jenni oversees the clinical program and the clinical team at Gratitude Lodge as a whole. Jenni has worked in treatment for almost 14 years. Her background as a licensed therapist and her passion for helping others intersected with addiction recovery when she started working primarily in detox residential treatment.

    Drug detox can vary according to the patient’s addiction factors, including the substance abused, how long the addiction has lasted, the patient’s medical condition, if any other disorders are present, and more. Our skilled and credentialed team at Gratitude Lodge work closely with every patient going through drug detox, facilitating the beginnings of a successful recovery at our rehab addiction centers in Orange County, CA.

    Drug detox can vary according to the patient’s addiction factors, including the substance abused, how long the addiction has lasted, the patient’s medical condition, if any other disorders are present, and more. Our skilled and credentialed team at Gratitude Lodge work closely with every patient going through drug detox.

    Many patients don’t realize the toxicity of prolonged alcohol abuse and how it affects the body. Alcohol detox at the luxurious rehab addiction centers at Gratitude Lodge leeches your body of these toxins in preparation for successful treatment for drugs and alcohol abuse. Alcohol detox may not take as long or produce severe withdrawal symptoms, but it is still an essential beginning to your recovery.

    Many patients don’t realize the toxicity of prolonged alcohol abuse and how it affects the body. Alcohol detox at the luxurious rehab addiction centers at Gratitude Lodge leeches your body of these toxins in preparation for successful treatment for drugs and alcohol abuse.
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    Holistic Therapy

    Our holistic therapy treatments offer a full-scope approach to recovery, addressing your mind, body, and emotions as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. This therapy is designed to help address underlying issues and integrate alternative therapies to promote overall health and well-being.
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    An essential part of your treatment experience, we offer individual (CBT and DBT talk therapy) and group addiction treatment counseling to help you explore and address the emotional component of addiction, providing you with the tools, self-awareness, and empowerment you need to maintain recovery.
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    Dual Diagnosis

    Dual Diagnosis is a highly effective addiction treatment that addresses substance use and mental health disorders simultaneously. Often co-occurring, these disorders are best managed when treated together with specific and targeted therapy.
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    Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

    Medication-Assisted Treatment provides you with FDA-approved medications to help ease the symptoms of withdrawal while you’re in treatment. This makes the detox process easier and safer, as well as increasing the chances of a successful recovery.
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    Sober Living

    Sober living provides a supportive and substance-free living environment for your ongoing recovery. We partner with a number of upscale and carefully vetted sober living homes that are available to our clients after inpatient alcohol and drug addiction treatment.
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    Outpatient Treatment

    Once detox and inpatient are complete, we provide an easy transition to outpatient care through our hand-selected partners. This program offers a more flexible approach, allowing you to ease back in to daily life while still receiving frequent & effective care.
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    Inpatient treatment provides an intensive and comprehensive addiction treatment program in a structured environment. You will receive 24/7 expert care, therapy, and support as you build your foundation for long-term recovery.
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    Drug & Alcohol Detox

    A crucial first step in the recovery process, our detox program provides a comfortable, medically supervised environment that addresses the physical aspect of addiction and eliminates substances from your body.

    Use Our 24 Hour text line. You can ask questions about our program, the admissions process, and more.