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The path to recovery is easier when you’re surrounded by inspiration. Southern California is just that. Known for its sober recovery community and endless blue skies, SoCal is the ideal place to restart. Our rehab facility in Newport Beach is close to amazing views of the Pacific Ocean, world-famous piers, exquisite cuisine, and sunny beaches.

At Gratitude Lodge, we believe that healthy activities help form healthy habits and lasting hobbies after rehab. Hike the Santa Ana River Trail, surf in the sea, practice yoga on the beach, visit the dog park, or take a leisurely stroll in perfect weather. With plenty to do and plenty of encouraging people to meet, choosing a new road will be a breeze.

The Impact of Drug Addiction on Newport Beach

Though Newport Beach is stunning, it is no exception to the substance abuse problems sweeping through the nation. In recent years, drug overdose rates have been on the rise. The Coroner and Health Care Agency in Orange County reported that 782 residents were hospitalized for overdose-related causes between 2011 and 2015—showing a 37% increase. Unfortunately, 123 of these individuals did not make it. This proves the effect opioid usage has on Newport Beach as opioids accounted for the majority of these fatal overdoses. The following opioids have been cited as primary contributors:

  • Heroin
  • Morphine
  • Codeine
  • Oxycodone
  • Hydrocodone

Therefore, it is crucial that Newport Beach fights back against drug addiction. Gratitude Lodge is addressing this issue by facilitating recovery in a safe and peaceful environment.

Why Newport Beach?

With a population of over 84,000, Newport Beach is filled with rich history, lively individuals, and natural beauty. Newport Beach is visited by people from all walks of life—for many different reasons. Once known for maritime industries, the city is now buzzing with activity. Fishermen cast from the extensive piers while others soak in the sights. Bodyboarders and surfers visit the area to catch some epic waves. Beachgoers stick to the calmer parts of the water, wading in after enjoying a day of sun tanning. 

Additionally, Newport Beach is ideal for boaters. From kayaking and rowing to sailing and paddle-boating—there are many ways for seasoned boaters and newbies alike to enjoy a watery expedition. Competitions and events are held yearly, including Newport Beach’s annual Christmas Boat Parade.

Apart from sea excursions, Newport Beach has plenty to offer on land. At the Balboa Fun Zone, people can ride the relaxing Ferris Wheel as well as visit the Newport Harbor Nautical Museum. Crystal Cove State Park is the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors. Activities such as tide pooling, biking, and hiking are fun for all.

Rehab in Newport Beach

Life is too short not to seek the help you deserve. Recovery is possible, and Gratitude Lodge is ready to assist you every step of the way. Our compassionate staff members will make sure that your well-being is restored in a comfortable and constructive environment. It’s time to seek rehab in Newport Beach. Start your healing journey today by contacting Gratitude Lodge at (800) 994-2184.

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