This Is Why We Do It

There is nothing that puts a bigger smile on our faces than knowing that we have helped one of our residents turn their life around. All of us understand how hard the battle with addiction can be. It’s not easy to commit to sobriety, so every win for our patients is a win for us. Read testimonials from previous clients.

Kyle L.

This was my first time at a treatment center and although it was amazing, it will also be my last time at one. I was given a second chance at life because of every individual that works at the facility. They are all very attentive, accepting, comforting, and motivating. If it wasn't for me having enough courage to get myself the help I needed, and them providing me with absolutely everything in means of sobriety, I can safely say that I don't know if I would have ever gotten clean. If you're unsure if sobriety is for you, or you're sure that it is, go to Gratitude Lodge and see for yourself how awesome being sober actually can be. Much love.

Andrew S.

This place was the foundation to my sobriety as well as the beginning of a new chapter of my life. I was greeted at the door by a staff member and the first thing he said was “welcome to the best decision of your life.” Could not have been more true. I’m from out of state and they made me feel comfortable and welcomed. 24/7 care with staff that actually cares about your sobriety and well being. If you have a chance to get to residential they will take you to meetings to go along with the groups they have throughout the day. Therapist is very good at what they do as well, if you’re able to work with them they will work wonders. I would recommend this to anyone who is ready to make the first step towards a better life!

Alexis C.

This place literally saved my life! I've never been to a more intimate rehab in my life! I felt so comfortable and safe. I learned how to love myself, learn about myself, and learned more about how to be a member of society again. Today because of them helping me get to where I am I have a wonderful life. I would recommend this place to ANYONE that needs help!!!

Matthew T.

This place saved my life! When I had no reason to live, these guys gave me hope. They instilled morals and structure into my life. For these guys I'm forever grateful! To Gratitude Lodge & God, I owe everything!!!

Marquis P.

This facility and the staff here are extraordinary. This place saved my life. I felt important, and they gave me the help I felt I truly needed unlike other centers I've been to. Definitely a 10/5 star in every way possible. Love it.

Brandon Prues

I learned a lot about myself while I was at Gratitude Lodge. I learned patience and tolerance of sitting with myself. At first I did not enjoy sitting with the thoughts in my head, after a short few days with the help from the staff and the therapist. I felt way better about myself mentally and physically. I went in desperate for my life and when it was time to leave I felt I had my life back. I am truly grateful for Gratitude Lodge. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is struggling with drug addiction.

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