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Pet-Friendly Rehab for drug & alcohol addiction

Looking For Pet Friendly Rehab?

At Gratitude Lodge, our Southern California pet-friendly rehab offers world-class addiction treatment with your furry friend by your side. 

If you’re ready to begin the journey to recovery, but hesitate at the idea of being away from your companion, our pet-friendly treatment center allows you to get the addiction treatment you need without leaving your beloved pet behind.

Our program offers:

  • Pet-inclusive, luxury housing
  • Great neighborhood for walks
  • Up to 60lb pet weight limit
  • Assisted out-of-state pet travel

Gratitude Lodge offers accommodations for guests with pets because we know that when animal-assisted therapy is used as part of a treatment plan, it can significantly impact the success rate of achieving and sustaining sobriety. 

an image of a client's dog at Gratitude Lodge's pet-friendly rehab

Don't Forget your Pet!

Don't Forget your Pet!

an image of a client's dog at Gratitude Lodge's pet-friendly rehab in Long Beach

What is a Pet-Friendly Rehab?

A pet-friendly rehab is a treatment facility for drug and alcohol addiction that allows clients to bring their pets with them while attending rehab. 

Most traditional rehab programs have strict no-pet policies, which can make it difficult for people with pets to find care for them during their time away. It can also be hard to leave a beloved companion behind during what is often a big life change. 

Having your pet alongside you at pet-friendly treatment centers can help make you feel more comfortable during the challenging phase of withdrawal and into early recovery. As you progress into your sobriety, your pet can make you feel more at ease as you create new and healthier routines.

At Gratitude Lodge’s pet-friendly treatment centers, we offer a warm welcome to you and your pet as you begin your journey to recovery at our pet-friendly luxury California rehab center.

Don’t Let Drug and Alcohol Addiction Hold You Back

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The Benefits of Pet-Friendly Rehab

Having a companion along for your recovery journey goes far beyond playing fetch and listening to soothing purrs. Pets provide many benefits including:

an image of a client and a dog at Gratitude Lodge representing animal assisted therapy

Improved Mental Well-Being

Engaging in addiction recovery with your pet alongside you can give you a renewed sense of purpose. You’ll need to care for your pet and place their needs upmost, while at the same time focusing on your recovery. In return, positive interactions with your pet will help your brain to produce endorphins naturally after relying on addictive substances to provide euphoria for so long.

Walking your pet for instance during recovery can improve your overall well-being. Exercising is proven to boost mood, but it can seem like too much effort in the early days of recovery. If you have a pet to consider, you’ll feel compelled to get outside at least once a day. Exercising can trigger the release of dopamine and other brain chemicals associated with positive mood. 

As well as improving your overall well-being and physical health, having and caring for your pet at a rehab where you can take your dog or cat can deliver mental health benefits like reduced anxiety during your recovery from drug addiction or alcoholism.


Recovery from substance abuse can be an intensely lonely experience at times. Many people feel that nobody understands what they are going through. If you feel this way, it can be tempting to withdraw further from others, often leading to increased feelings of loneliness and possibly episodes of depression. When you attend treatment centers that allow pets, you can decrease the feeling of being alone, and you’ll always have a friendly face offering unconditional love and support.

If you don’t have a pet, you can still benefit from interacting with other’s pets during your recovery at Gratitude Lodge.

people sitting with dog representing pet friendly mental health facilities near me
Woman holding cat to represent pet friendly rehab in California.

Costs Covered up to 100% by insurance

If you’re ready to take the first step towards recovery but costs are a concern, you may have up to 100% rehab coverage through your insurance provider. 

Most PPO insurance (employer-issued) is accepted at our treatment center, making the decision to get help for your addiction even easier. If you or a loved one are under the age of 25, most parent or legal guardian’s PPO insurance providers provide coverage as well. 

Call our friendly admissions team today to easily find out if your insurance can cover up to 100% of the cost of treatment.  

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Pet-friendly Rehab Options in California

An image of Irvine, the location of Gratitude Lodge

Costa Mesa

The city of Costa Mesa is one of the primary business and culture centers of Orange County located between San Diego and Los Angeles

Costa Mesa has grown from a small farming community with less than 17,000 residents to a commercial cluster home to over 111,000 people and Orange County’s two largest skyscrapers.

Nicknamed the City of the Arts, there is a thriving performing arts scene in Costa Mesa, as well as some of the best dining and shopping in Orange County. These are some of the main attractions:

  • South Coast Plaza      
  • Segerstrom Center for the Arts
  • TeWinkle Park
  • The LAB Anti-Mall
  • Fairview Park

National Rehabs Directory includes options for pet-friendly rehab Costa Mesa. Engage with evidence-based treatment at some of the best pet friendly rehab California in Costa Mesa.


Irvine is a planned community in Orange County, California. Offering year-round sun, a laid-back vibe, and stunning natural beauty, it’s no surprise that OC is so densely populated.

The population of Irvine was 212,375 according to the 2010 census and was estimated at 287,401 by the California Department of Finance in 2019.

Even in December, the coldest month, temperatures won’t fall much below 70F.

Many tech companies are headquartered in Irvine along with a handful of higher education institutes including the University of California, Irvine (UCI), and Pepperdine.

There are many places of general interest in Irvine, including:

  • Ayn Rand Institute
  • California State University Irvine
  • Concordia University, Irvine
  • Orange County Great Park
  • The Market Place
If you are looking for a pet-friendly rehab near Irvine, our drug and alcohol rehab in Newport Beach can help you out
An image of Costa Mesa, the location of Gratitude Lodge
An image of Santa Ana, the location of Gratitude Lodge

Santa Ana

Santa Ana is the county seat of Orange County. Located in Greater Los Angeles in Southern California, the 2020 census shows the city’s population was 310,000.

The city is roughly four-fifths Latinx, making for a vibrant and inclusive environment.

Some of the main attractions in Santa Ana include:

  • Bowers Museum
  • Santa Ana Zoo
  • Discovery Cube Orange County
  • Orange County Museum of Art
  • Lyon Air Museum

National Rehabs Directory includes many options and types of rehabs that accept pets in Santa Ana.

Our SoCal Pet Friendly Rehabs Accept Many Types of Pets!

Let Us Help at Gratitude Lodge

Pet-Friendly Rehab Services at Gratitude Lodge

If you want to find a good treatment program at rehabs that allow dogs and cats, we can help you achieve this at Gratitude Lodge.

We provide pet-friendly drug rehab in California at the following locations:

However, we provide help for everyone searching. Whether you are looking for addiction treatment in Culver City, Redondo Beach, or somewhere else like Signal Hill, we are here to help.

All Gratitude Lodge addiction centers in Southern California offer the following treatment programs for substance abuse including addiction to alcohol, drugs, or prescription medications:

  • Detox
  • 30-day inpatient program
  • IOP (intensive outpatient program)
  • Dual diagnosis treatment program

Before you engage with an ongoing pet friendly rehab treatment program, take advantage of our licensed medical detox center to get your recovery off to the strongest start. Access FDA-approved medications to streamline withdrawal and cravings, and benefit from around-the-clock emotional and clinical care.

Whatever level of treatment intensity is most appropriate for your needs, your treatment team will draw from these evidence-based interventions:

  • MAT (medication-assisted treatment)
  • Psychotherapy / Individual counseling (talk therapy)
  • Group counseling

You can also participate in a variety of holistic therapies if you attend a residential rehab program at Gratitude Lodge in Southern California.

If you are exhausted from searching rehab centers that allow pets, shortcut the process by calling admissions at 800-994-2184. Our pet friendly treatment centers are only a call away.