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What is Outpatient Rehab?

Outpatient rehabilitation is treatment for addiction outside of a rehab center. Typically, outpatient rehab comes after you or your loved one has attended a residential addiction treatment center. After completing a detox program, if necessary, you’ll attend outpatient therapy, which can include taking part in individual and group therapy. There, you’ll get the support you need while continuing to go to work or school.

Outpatient rehab depends on the severity of the addiction and mental health history. Because you can attend outpatient rehab on your own schedule, you can learn social skills, responsibility, and go to therapy all in your own time. At Gratitude Lodge, we partner with local outpatient services in the area that we can refer to you. We specialize in helping patients with their road to recovery in inpatient rehab. Our admissions process can help determine the best fit for you.

How Do You Choose an Outpatient Rehab Program?

Choosing an outpatient rehab program that treats your addiction is vital to your journey to a new life. During an initial evaluation, a professional medical team will help you decide what treatment is best for you. When choosing a program, ask yourself the questions below.

What addictions
does the outpatient
service treat?

Our outpatient rehab partners provide detoxification for alcohol, heroin, meth, benzo (benzodiazepine), opioids, and Xanax. If you need an inpatient rehab service, we treat Norco, PCP, stimulants, MDMA, cocaine, Flexeril, OxyContin, Percocet, Vicodin, amphetamine, DXM, ketamine, meloxicam, prescription painkillers, sedatives, barbiturates, Fentanyl, and kratom.

What we treat
Do they offer
treatment for dual

Some cases require the treatment of another mental illness while you’re being treated for drug or alcohol addiction. Make sure that the outpatient rehab is able to address both components in therapy, so you’re able to get the most effective treatment in the quickest way possible. In outpatient rehab, you’ll have financial independence and participate in a 12-step treatment program that you can continue after your care.

Dual Diagnosis
What credentials
do they have?

Do some research on the accreditation of the medical staff, and separately, the outpatient rehab facility itself. Doing this will help you make the best choice to fit your needs. In our inpatient program here at Gratitude Lodge, our credentialed professional staff is medically equipped to provide detox treatment and guidance through the emotional process of addiction recovery.

About Us
Do they accept
your insurance?

Some insurance policies may limit your care providers or may want you to contribute to the cost of outpatient rehab. The cost depends on your insurance policy deductible and your policy co-pay. Most treatment facilities can help determine if your insurance is eligible for outpatient rehab. We’re happy to let you know if you’re eligible for inpatient rehab with your insurance before you decide on attending an outpatient rehab facility.

check your insurance
What are the
payment options?

First, check to see if your insurance will cover the cost of outpatient rehab. Some insurance policies will want you to contribute to the cost. Your payment options include paying before the program begins or enrolling in a financing option to help during this challenging time. Before you enroll in an outpatient program, see if you’re eligible for enrollment into a financing program with our inpatient rehab treatment services for addiction.

Financing Options

Our Inpatient

While we don’t offer outpatient rehab, Gratitude Lodge offers inpatient programs in both Long Beach and Newport Beach, California. Here, you have access to professionals at any time, along with individual counseling and group therapy. Our comfortable, luxurious setting, 12-step immersion program, daily meetings, and practice of gratitude will give you the foundation you need to build a lasting recovery.


Our comfortable environment, luxurious accommodations, and shared spaces help patients get into a positive mindset that encourages growth and communication.


The 12-step method involves believing in a higher power and can be continued after care. It is a spiritual practice that can provide you with a clear path and a support network around the world.


Our intensive treatment provides additional support in the facility for individuals who need 24/7 care. Daily individual counseling is available, along with group therapy and other activities.

We Accept Most
PPO Insurance

We work with most insurance plans to cover the costs of treatment.

What are the Benefits
of Inpatient Rehab?

Surrounding yourself with positive influences and others who are on the same journey will help prevent relapse.


Our trained professional staff is credentialed, and many of them have personal experience with addiction and the path to recovery.


Learning to see the joy in life is easier with activities such as relaxing on the beach, hiking, surfing, and taking walks in beautiful Southern California.

shared spaces

Get a fresh start in a safe place where you’ll be able to share your thoughts with others who are on the same path to a new life.

How Long is

Outpatient rehab depends on your rate of recovery. This can be determined at the beginning of your treatment with an evaluation from the medical staff. It depends on the severity of your addiction, how long drugs or alcohol were abused, and your mental health history. We’re happy to let you know if inpatient rehab is best for you, or if outpatient rehab with our local partners is a better fit for your personal situation.

In outpatient rehab offered by our local partners in Southern California, you’ll have access to therapy and medical professionals who can help you with your journey. After inpatient rehab, most recovering addicts are successful when they also attend outpatient rehab, which is also known as aftercare.

Aftercare is a significant step after inpatient care to prevent relapse. Attending an outpatient rehab or sober living program after inpatient care has been shown to have a significant impact on relapse rates. In these programs, you’ll be able to return to work and your family life while transitioning out of inpatient care.

Is Outpatient
Rehab Covered
by Insurance?

Outpatient rehab is typically covered by insurance, but it depends on the type of insurance and the insurance company itself. Whether your costs will be covered depends on your insurance policy deductible and your policy co-pay. You can contact our local partners to see if outpatient rehab is covered with your particular insurance.

Before you consider outpatient rehab, you can first see if your insurance covers inpatient rehab here at Gratitude Lodge. Some insurance policies may limit your inpatient addiction recovery care providers or may want you to contribute to the cost. Most treatment facilities can help determine if your insurance is eligible. We’re happy to see if your insurance covers treatment for you or your loved ones. Whether you choose Gratitude Lodge or seek help from our local partners, you’re choosing a fresh start.

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We accept most PPO insurance

Drug and alcohol rehab should be accessible to everyone. At Gratitude Lodge,
we work with most insurance plans to cover the costs of treatment.