The 12-step support program is used in most rehab facilities in Los Angeles County and Orange County. While the program is based on believing in a higher power, it can be a spiritual practice. The 12-step addiction recovery method has worked for those in and outside of rehab who are not religious

We accept most PPO insurance including Cigna, BlueCross/BlueShield, Aetna, Anthem, Beacon Health Options, TriCare, Geha, Highmark, Premera Blue Cross, Care First, IU Health, Health Net, and First Health Services Corporation. Others may be available, depending on your state of residence.

We offer a sliding scale for payment to those who qualify. There are other financing options available. Feel free to call us, and we’ll check if your insurance covers our detox or inpatient rehab treatment programs.

The cost of a residential inpatient treatment program depends on the length of your stay, whether you have a co-occurring mental disorder, and if you need detox before your drug or alcohol rehabilitation. It also depends on your income, and if you have insurance that covers inpatient rehab and medications. Feel free to give us a call today, and we’ll help determine the cost of your addiction treatment.

The length of your detox program depends on how long the drug was abused, the severity of your addiction, and if you have a co-occurring mental disorder. This is because it may take longer to get out of your system and get past the withdrawal symptoms. Typically, most drug and alcohol addictions take about a week for physical withdrawal symptoms to subside and drugs to completely detox from the body.

You can bring shampoo, soap, toothbrush, feminine hygiene products, and a week’s worth of clothing. Don’t bring any personal items that list alcohol in the ingredients. Check out this article for a full list of what to bring to rehab.

You can also bring your pet with you! At Gratitude Lodge, we believe that the comfort and responsibility pets provide can help you recover faster. Let us know which pet you’ll be bringing so we can make arrangements for your furry companion before your stay.

Rehab facilities are safe places for people to receive addiction treatment, so you’ll want to avoid bringing drugs, weapons, alcohol, and anything containing profanity or suggestive images. Don’t bring your own card games, video games, or other entertainment, because our facility will provide entertainment.

Don’t bring any personal items that contain alcohol, including mouthwash and soaps and lotions with alcohol listed in the ingredients. Other items not to bring include nail polish, polish remover, aerosol cans such as hairspray, e-cigarettes, vapes, open over-the-counter medicine, and unapproved prescriptions.

At Gratitude Lodge, we encourage people to leave their phones, tablets, laptops, and eReaders at home. This is because technology can be a distraction from the valuable time you get to spend in rehab. It’s important for those going through drug and alcohol addiction recovery to develop healthy habits. You’ll discover new, meaningful connections at rehab.

Here at Gratitude Lodge, we like to have a structured schedule for those in recovery. Our gorgeous facilities offer a luxurious kitchen, shared bedrooms so you’ll have someone understanding to talk to, and outdoor activities in our beautiful Los Angeles and Newport Beach locations. You’ll be provided with bedding, furniture, meals, and snacks.

Addictions to nicotine, marijuana, and cocaine typically don’t require detox before rehab because you likely have a mental dependency rather than a physical dependence with withdrawal symptoms. Surprisingly, cocaine is processed quickly through the body and doesn’t require a detox.

However, other drugs, such as benzos, Xanax, heroin, alcohol, opiates, and meth require attendance in our detox program before you go to rehab. Inpatient rehab is the next step after detox, where you’ll receive medication for withdrawal symptoms and learn coping mechanisms and healthy habits that lead to long-lasting recovery.

We offer a comfortable, open environment with shared rooms, a large living room with a fireplace, gorgeous kitchen with stainless steel appliances, a community eating area, group therapy, individualized counseling, meals, and access to beautiful Southern California in Los Angeles County and Orange County.

When you’re in rehab, it’s important to focus on your recovery. When you’re newly sober, you may be easily persuaded or tempted by outside influences. Whether it’s a bar nearby, a grocery store that sells liquor, or a friend nearby with access to drugs, we don’t want to create temptation by allowing you to drive to those places. You’ll be able to explore Los Angeles or Newport Beach with your support group, but we advise arranging a ride to your first day of rehab and from your last day of rehab.

Visitation from loved ones can help you with the recovery process during rehab. Depending on the length of your rehab, visitors may be allowed to visit you or attend group therapy and family counseling with you.

When you’ve been admitted into a rehab facility, it’s best to be honest with the children about where you’re going and to reassure them that it’s not their fault that you will be away. Arrange for your kids to stay with a trusted family member, friend or another caretaker for at least a month. Let your children know that you’ll be back in a month or possibly longer.

For additional information, contact us today at Gratitude Lodge! Call (800) 994-2184 and speak with a team member about your questions.

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Drug and alcohol rehab should be accessible to everyone. At Gratitude Lodge, we work with most insurance plans to cover the costs of treatment.