Drug Rehab Center in Long Beach, CA

The road to sobriety is easier when you’re surrounded by encouragement. Southern California is just that. Known for its strong recovery community and perfect sunny weather, SoCal is the ideal place to start fresh. Our rehab facilities in Long Beach are close to gorgeous ocean views, relaxing beaches, museums, a bustling shopping center, and an aquarium.

At Gratitude Lodge, we believe that healthy activities help form healthy habits and lasting hobbies after rehab. When you stay with us, you’ll be close enough to surf the Pacific, practice paddleboard yoga, visit the dog park, or take a leisurely stroll at sunset along the beach. With plenty to do and plenty of great people to meet, choosing a new path will be a breeze.

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Los Angeles County Recovery Community

Our luxurious drug rehab center in Long Beach is your destination for substance abuse recovery in Los Angeles. Here, connecting to nature and practicing gratitude is made simple. In beautiful California, with steady sunny weather, you’ll have plenty of activities to support your path to sobriety.

We’re a pet-friendly alcohol rehab center in Long Beach, so your dependable companion will be able to enjoy nearby dog beaches and dog parks. With many support groups located in the Los Angeles County Recovery Community, you’ll find it easy to meet like-minded people who have similar goals of maintaining a clean and sober lifestyle.

Pet Friendly Rehab Center

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Long Beach Recovery

Gratitude Lodge is the best drug and alcohol addiction rehab center in Long Beach. There are many nearby sober communities and support groups dedicated to addiction recovery. We’ll help you with your drug and alcohol detox and provide a caring stay in our inpatient rehabilitation facilities. Then, we’ll introduce you to the beauty of Long Beach.

Drug & Alcohol Detox

Our expert medical staff is trained to help you through detox withdrawal symptoms. We provide a comforting, supportive environment that makes it easy to get back to your path of recovery.


Inpatient Rehab

You won’t find a more comfortable place for addiction recovery in Long Beach. We use the 12-step addiction recovery method for lasting aftercare, along with counseling and group therapy.


Don’t Let Addiction Control You


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We Accept Most PPO Insurance

Addiction recovery in Long Beach should be accessible to everyone. At Gratitude Lodge, we work with most insurance plans to cover the costs of treatment.