Drug Detox and Alcohol Rehab Near Seal Beach

Seal Beach is a coastal city located between Belmont Shore and Sunset Beach in Southern California. Like all major Californian cities, Seal Beach is home to a variety of drug and alcohol detox centers to help those with addictions kickstart their recovery.

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If you or a loved one is ready to attend a Seal Beach drug and alcohol rehab, you have two broad choices:


  1.  Seal Beach inpatient alcohol rehab or drug rehab
  2.  Seal Beach outpatient alcohol rehab or drug rehab

For those requiring inpatient treatment for alcoholism (alcohol use disorder) or drug addiction (substance use disorder), programs involve a 30 to 90-day residential stay at a Seal Beach treatment facility. Inpatient rehab in Seal Beach is typically indicated for those with:

  • Moderate or severe addictions.
  • Co-occurring mental health disorders.
  • Polysubstance abuse issues.

Outpatient programs give you access to similar services and interventions. The core difference between the delivery methods is that with an outpatient program, you return home between scheduled weekday therapy sessions at a Seal Beach rehab. If you require more support and structure than a traditional outpatient program provides, consider an IOP (intensive outpatient programs) or a PHP (partial hospitalization program). Outpatient rehab is typically indicated for those with:

  • Mild addictions.
  • No co-occurring mental health disorders.
  • Stable and supportive home environments.

Detoxing from drugs is the gateway to ongoing therapy and recovery. Most people find that a supervised clinical detox in a Seal Beach drug detox center is the safest, most comfortable springboard from active addiction into treatment and recovery.

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Where is Rehab Located Near Seal Beach?

SAMHSA data for 2020 shows that 28.5 million U.S. adults reported alcohol use disorder in the previous year, with 40 million diagnosed with substance use disorder. This means you could start your search for Seal Beach rehabs by asking friends and family for recommendations.

You may also find that your primary healthcare provider can suggest a suitable detox and treatment facility, possibly arranging for a referral.

Seal Beach residents can search online for “outpatient alcohol rehab near me” or “inpatient alcohol rehab near me”, depending on the severity of their addiction.

American Addiction Centers has curated a comprehensive list of rehabs in Seal Beach, California that might serve as inspiration for your treatment center shortlist.

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What is the Cost of Rehab Near Seal Beach?

You might have noticed when looking for drug and alcohol rehab centers that few facilities display prices on their websites. This is not due to a lack of transparency, but rather because every addiction and treatment plan is unique. The following variables can all impact the cost of drug detox and alcohol rehab in Seal Beach:

  • Scope of required treatment.
  • Supervised medical detox costs.
  • Location of Seal Beach rehab.
  • Duration of inpatient or outpatient program.
  • Quality of amenities and accommodation.
  • Experience and credentials of treatment team.
  • Medication-assisted treatment costs.

Call the rehab centers on your shortlist to explain your requirements. Typically, treatment centers will offer an accurate estimate of treatment costs following an initial assessment.

Costs for Seal Beach drug or alcohol rehab can vary considerably within these approximate parameters:

  • Seal Beach Outpatient treatment: $2,000 to $10,000
  • Seal Beach Intensive outpatient treatment: $2,500 to $10,000
  • Seal Beach Inpatient treatment: $5,000 to $75,000+



The admissions staff at our alcohol and drug detox center in Seal Beach is available 24/7 to answer your questions.

Does Insurance Cover Drug and Alcohol Rehab Near Seal Beach?

Most health insurance plans provide at least partial coverage for outpatient treatment in Seal Beach further to the enactment of the ACA (Affordable Care Act) in 2010. Some health plans may meet the costs of inpatient rehab if this is medically recommended.

You should consult with your insurance provider to determine whether your health plan entitles you to coverage for addiction treatment. Out-of-pocket costs and restrictions will depend on the insurance plan and provider.

What is involved with Seal Beach drug detox programs and alcoholism rehab?

Daily Life at Seal Beach Drug Detox & Alcohol Rehab

Although there is some variation if day-to-day life at Seal Beach drug and alcohol detox centers and rehabs, the overall treatment process is similar. Treatment involves the following phases:

  • Initial assessment and intake
  • Detoxification
  • Inpatient or outpatient therapy

Initial assessment and intake

The initial assessment and intake phase helps your treatment team to establish the scope and severity of your addiction. Based on the results of the assessment, the team will create you a personalized treatment plan. They may recommend a supervised detox at a drug detox facility California followed by either inpatient or outpatient treatment.


After intake and before ongoing treatment, you must first detox from alcohol, prescription medications, or illicit narcotics.

Detox takes from a few days to two weeks or more, depending on the substance of abuse, the duration of abuse, and the scale of substance abuse.

As your system reacts to the absence of the substance, you will experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. A supervised clinical detox can help reduce the intensity of these symptoms, while also diminishing cravings for drugs or alcohol.


Inpatient or outpatient therapy

Inpatient and outpatient treatment at a Seal Beach rehab for alcoholics or drug addicts will include the following interventions:

  • Group counseling: Benefit from the peer support of others in recovery in group therapy sessions at Seal Beach rehab.
  • Individual counseling: Individual counseling provides you with the chance to explore the specifics of your addiction while working one-to-one with a credentialed counselor.
  • MAT (medication-assisted addiction treatment): Both opioid use disorder and alcohol use disorder respond favorably to MAT with FDA-approved medications.
  • Family therapy: Family therapy gives you the opportunity to start repairing interpersonal relationships unraveled by the consequences of your active addiction.
  • Talk therapy: Clinically described as psychotherapy, this evidence-based intervention is proven effective for treating addictions or mental health conditions.

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Services for Residents Near Seal Beach

For those ready to engage with addiction treatment and recovery in Seal Beach, connect with any of the following services as appropriate:

  • Supervised clinical detox
  • Group counseling
  • Individual counseling
  • Family therapy
  • MAT (medication-assisted treatment)
  • Psychotherapy (talk therapies like CBT or DBT)
  • SMART Recovery
  • 12-step peer support groups (NA or AA)
  • Holistic therapy