December 5, 2023

Bradley Cooper’s Journey to Sobriety

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Bradley Cooper, the multi-talented actor and director, recently bared his soul on Smartless podcast, unraveling a compelling tale of struggle, addiction, and ultimate redemption. In an intimate conversation with hosts Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and the catalyst for change, Will Arnett, Cooper illuminated the tumultuous journey that led him from the abyss of addiction to the dazzling heights of Hollywood success. Where once stories abounded about Bradley Cooper drinking and drug exploits, today, Cooper is a poster boy of sobriety.

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What Was Bradley Cooper Addicted To?

After getting fired from Alias, Cooper managed to sever his Achilles tendon. At this point, Cooper said, “I found myself in a state of profound confusion, battling a cocaine addiction.

He also revealed that he was grappling with issues of self-worth – “I had zero self-esteem” – and added that his compounded his issues with substance abuse.

Reflecting on the silver lining of grappling with insecurities and addiction early in life, Cooper acknowledged, “The one good thing about going through all this turmoil before the age of 29, when my career really took off, was that I had the benefit of getting it all out of the way.”

Opening up about the challenging early days in Los Angeles, he shared, “Moving to LA for Alias felt like I was back in high school. I couldn’t get into any clubs, and no girls wanted to look at me.” This, he confessed, triggered a period of profound depression. However, Cooper revealed that it wasn’t until The Hangover, at the age of 36, that things began to change. “I got to go through all those things before fame even played into my existence on a daily level. So all that happened before any of that.

Will Arnett pointed out that going through these challenges at an older age allowed Cooper to undergo significant realizations and transformations, fostering a more authentic version of himself. Cooper agreed, saying, “It’s true. I definitely made major breakthroughs at 29 to 33, 34, where at least I was able to stand in front of somebody and breathe and listen and talk.

The Pivotal Intervention

The year 2004 marked a turning point for Bradley Cooper when he was confronted by friend Will Arnett. Arnett noticed that Cooper was failing to meet his everyday responsibilities and neglecting to look after his dogs. Little did Cooper know that this intervention would serve as the awakening he desperately needed. “That was the first time I ever realized I had a problem with drugs and alcohol,” Cooper admitted, acknowledging the profound impact of Arnett’s honesty.

As Cooper recounts, that period marked a dark chapter in his life. Struggling with low self-worth and grappling with personal demons, he found himself at a crossroads. The actor was in the vortex of a particularly challenging phase, involving job loss and injury compounded by his insidious addiction to cocaine.

Hitting Rock Bottom and Rebuilding: Bradley Cooper and Sobriety

Cooper emphasizes that hitting rock bottom was the precursor to his eventual ascent. The journey to fame, he contends, was intertwined with a period of self-discovery and resilience. Remarkably, Cooper’s metamorphosis occurred before his breakout role in The Hangover, showing his tenacity and the transformative power of personal growth.

As he grappled with his personal demons, Cooper underwent a process of rebuilding. It was a phoenix-like rise from the ashes of addiction.

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The Metamorphosis

Jason Bateman astutely observed that Cooper, in his present self, stands in stark contrast to the person he once was—warm, thoughtful, and generous. Cooper attributes this transformation to the metamorphosis he underwent before fame and fortune entered the equation. Arnett echoes this sentiment, emphasizing how Cooper’s willingness to confront his issues was the key that opened the door to change.

Cooper’s metamorphosis was not merely external, but it also involved a profound shift in character and disposition. The actor’s journey from the depths of addiction to the pinnacle of Hollywood success reflects a commitment to self-improvement and an unwavering determination to overcome the shadows that once haunted him.

Life After Sobriety: A Star Is Born

Since embracing sobriety, Bradley Cooper has emerged as a true Hollywood heavyweight. From earning Oscar nods for his stellar performances to garnering praise for his directorial debut in A Star Is Born, Cooper’s career trajectory has defied the odds. His journey is inspirational for those grappling with addiction, proving that redemption is attainable with resilience and determination.

Cooper’s post-sobriety career is a testament to the transformative power of overcoming personal struggles. His performances are imbued with a depth and authenticity that can only come from someone who has stared into the abyss and emerged on the other side. A Star Is Born, a project close to Cooper’s heart, not only showcased his directorial prowess but also served as a platform to explore themes of love, addiction, and the relentless pursuit of dreams.

How Long Has Bradley Cooper Been Sober?

Bradley Cooper’s story is not merely about conquering Hollywood, but it’s also a poignant narrative of redemption. It transcends the glitz and glamour, offering a resonant message that even in the darkest moments, transformation is possible. As we celebrate his professional accomplishments, let us also applaud his personal triumph over addiction—a journey that continues to inspire and resonate with many as he celebrates 19 years of sobriety.

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