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What To Bring

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What To Bring

Preparing for Drug Rehab

Now that you’ve found a rehab facility that suits you, the next step is to figure out what to bring. Packing your personal care products, photos of loved ones, your own bedding, and self-help books can go a long way in helping you feel comfortable in a new place. Particularly one that you’ll typically stay in for 30 days or longer. While you can’t bring candles or games that you’re used to relaxing with, you can bring your own products and items to help create a sense of familiarity in a new place.

What To Bring to Rehab

You can bring your own clothes and bring personal hygiene items to rehab, but there are strict rules. Make sure your clothing isn’t offensive or too revealing. Plan to bring at least 30 days of hygiene and beauty products, and make sure they’re alcohol-free. All rehab facilities have different rules on what you can bring, so be sure to ask before going. Plan to bring these.

Don’t Forget Your Pet!

We know that your furry companion provides unconditional love and loyalty when you need it most. Studies have also shown that people who bring their pets to rehab with them experience greater levels of lasting recovery and reduced anxiety and depression. That’s why Gratitude Lodge in Newport Beach and Long Beach, CA encourages you to bring your dependable pal during your stay. Others without pets in rehab can also benefit from interacting with yours.

What Not To Bring to Rehab

Rehab facilities are safe places for people to receive addiction treatment, so you’ll want to avoid bringing drugs, weapons, alcohol, and anything containing profanity or suggestive images. You’ll want to focus on your recovery without distractions, so don’t bring your own card games or other entertainment. The facility will provide entertainment at certain times. Some facilities allow cigarettes and laptops, but you can call to check. Leave the following at home:


  • Sharp objects
  • E-cigarettes and vapes
  • Aerosols, such as hairspray cans
  • Candles and room scents
  • Prohibited prescriptions
  • Open over-the-counter medicine
  • Video games, electronics, and DVDs
  • Nail polish and remover
  • Hygiene products containing alcohol
  • Cleaning products

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CALL US: 800-994-2184