Why is it Important to Continue Treatment After Alcohol Rehab?

June 17, 2022

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You have completed alcohol detox in California and undergone treatment at an addiction rehab center; now you’re ready to live a new sober lifestyle. It isn’t unusual to have some concerns about how you are going to do it on your own, or if a relapse could occur. This is a legitimate concern, but there are several options for continuing care after you leave alcohol rehab to keep you on track in your sobriety. Let’s look at some of the reasons it is important to continue treatment after alcohol rehab and what options you have.


Addiction is a chronic disease. A disease requires continued treatment to manage just like heart disease or diabetes. It is a lifelong journey to remain sober. Addiction affects the mind and body, so maintaining your health both mentally and physically is key after rehab. When one or both of those get off balance, then there is a high chance for relapse to occur. Exercise and nutrition are great for physical health and therapy/counseling are great for mental health.
Keep in mind that relapse is a common occurrence in any disease and addiction is no different. The most common reasons for relapse given by substance abusing patients include stress, negative mood and anxiety, drug-related cues, temptations and boredom, and lack of positive environmental contingencies (job, family relationships, responsibilities).

Addiction is a Disease


Relapse is at the top of the list as to why you should continue treatment in general because chances for relapse are so high. Studies show that a significant percentage of patients relapse and return to drug or alcohol use within one year of treatment. A good thing to note is that your chances for relapse lessen the longer you remain sober; but anyone can get anxious knowing the chances are high in that first year and wondering if you have the strength to remain sober.

One way to avoid these feelings is to make a checklist and remember that it’s a one-step-at-a-time journey. A checklist to help you organize your thoughts when you leave alcohol rehab should include:

  • Establishing a daily routine
  • Finding living arrangements
  • Finding a job
  • Remembering your triggers and how avoid them
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • Finding activities or hobbies that decrease boredom


A big part of maintaining mental health and sobriety includes managing stress and anxiety. There are several reasons these feelings can come to the surface when leaving rehab. They include:

  • Financial situation/needing a job
  • Making family amends
  • Being alone/needing support
  • Being firm in your boundaries
  • Letting go of toxic friends and places

All these things must be faced after leaving alcohol rehab to truly move on and start fresh. Looking at this list can be overwhelming. It ends up causing undue stress and anxiety leading to the potential of relapse if not properly managed.



At the end of your stay in an addiction rehab center, the staff will help you begin preparing for long-term care and continuing treatment options. A good place to start is to make a list of goals that you want to accomplish outside of rehab and then from there, you can work to build the best aftercare options with a staff member. They will help you lay a good path for staying sober.

Here are some of the options you can consider when making out your plan.

  • If you are ready to re-enter the world, then you may consider joining a support group like Alcoholics Anonymous and consider continuing a therapy program.
  • Continuing outpatient care is where you get to return home and resume normal life but still attend meetings and therapy sessions weekly.
  • If you don’t feel you are ready to re-enter the world, then a sober living program is an option. You can enjoy more financial independence by working or you can attend school while living in a house among fellow recovering addicts who are in a similar situation.


If you are seeking help for an alcohol addiction and you want to ensure that the rehab center has aftercare support, then look no further than Gratitude Lodge in California. We are a luxury rehab center that has alcohol detox and treatment programs for your recovery. Then, you can go on to one of our aftercare support programs that include outpatient care and sober living housing. Check out our website and contact us today with your questions.


Help for you or a loved one is only one call away.


Don’t Let Addiction Control You



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