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May 24, 2019

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At various times throughout history, when people were “down and out”, they looked to their pet anima to lift them up.

Dogs, cats, and other animals have raised the spirits of countless men and women. People who have felt depressed and directionless. People who lacked optimism about their future.

It’s the reason why pet and animal therapy during rehab exists.

When you’re in the middle of a detox, and the withdrawal symptoms are causing discomfort, and the feelings of isolation start to creep in, the love and warmth of a pet can keep you going— even when it feels like everything is pushing against you.

This is why a pet-friendly rehab can be the best choice if you want to make a lasting recovery.

There are many rehab centers that don’t allow pets on the premises. At Gratitude Lounge, we think differently. We believe there is no better place for your pet than right at your side. We’ve seen first-hand how pets positively influence our patients as they recover. Today, we’re going to explain why a pet-friendly rehab is the right choice for you.

Pets are great for mental health. The emotional bond you form with a pet can be immense. When people around you are entering and leaving your life, when things are not turning out the way you hoped, when it feels like the world is closing in on you, your pet is there to provide love, stability, and continuity.

A research group conducted a study where they placed 58 people in a room with a tarantula, which they were told they may have to hold. As you can imagine, the idea of holding a tarantula was a stressful situation for many. The participants were split into several groups; some with live animals they could pet and be close to, some with toy animals they could hold, and others with no live or toy pet. The groups that had a live animal experienced less stress than the other groups. Even though the participants did not interact with the live animal long enough to form a strong bond, their stress levels were relatively low.

This shows the power of animals, and it’s an example of why Gratitude Lodge allows pet and animal therapy.

Pets create a sense of responsibility. One of the behavioral flaws of those who are addicted is not being able to keep up with their responsibilities. When you own a pet, you’re responsible for its well-being. This feeling of accountability is reinforced as you embark on your recovery. With your pet by your side as you go through the detox and rehab process, you’ll have a tangible reason to continue the treatment. Your responsibility for your pet can act as motivation to keep you moving. The love you get from your furry friend produces a sense of purpose— pushing you in the direction you need to go.

Pets improve your social skills. When you’re fighting an addiction it can be hard to form real social connections with others. You’ll be focused on getting through the recovery stage, and this can cause you to be withdrawn and feel isolated from people around you. But when you have your pet by your side, that sense of bonding mimics social activity. In many cases, you may feel better interacting with your pet than doing so with other people. In many cases, we find that pets help our patients overcome awkwardness and social discomfort with others.

Pets keep you active. Your pet is bouncing with energy. They need to walk, run, jump, and play. And you’ll need to keep up. One of the main reasons we love having pets on our facilities is because they encourage our patients to stay active— even when our patients don’t feel “up” to the activity. Studies have shown that keeping active does wonders to rehabilitate one’s mental health. When you’re sedentary, it’s easy to fall into old thoughts and behaviors, but when you’re on the move, the feeling of momentum is electrifying. It simply feels like you’re making progress when your body is moving.

Pets offer security. In a world where things may not be going the way you once envisioned, your pet can be the secure, stabilizing force in your life. Things change, people change, but the love of your pet remains the same.

It’s not at all an exaggeration to state that the affection of a pet is the closest thing there is to pure love. It’s a love that doesn’t waver, nor does it fade at the slightest inconvenience.

It’s an anchor during times of doubt. It’ll be there when you don’t know what the future holds. It’s what keeps you grounded even when it feels like you’re sinking.

Your pet should be with you during times of need.Your pet is a life-force that gives you the energy, motivation, understanding, and love you need to make it to the finish line.

Join A Pet-Friendly Rehab Center

Understand that your pet is not some magic companion who will miraculously heave you into a sober lifestyle. You will need to detox, and you will need to undergo therapies to reprogram your thinking and behaviors.

Your pet, however, is a companion that will make things better as you recover. Your pet’s adulation and respect will begin to feed your own perception self worth.

Your furry friend is the perfect sidekick for your journey. We know your pet belongs right by your side as you move toward recovery.

Gratitude Lounge will accommodate you and your pet. You won’t be forced to shuffle your companion to a pet-sitter during your recovery; your pet will be a healing agent as you undergo this process.

Rehab is a transitional period. You’re erasing negative behaviors, cutting your dependance to drugs and alcohol, and paving a new path for your life. During this period, you’ll need all the help you can get.

Enroll in a pet-friendly rehab program to begin your journey to recovery. Contact Gratitude Lounge today to get started.


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