Why Should You Choose a Luxury Rehab Center?

June 10, 2022

Luxury Rehab Center | Gratitude Lodge

While on the search for a rehab center that is best suited for your needs, you may come across some that label themselves as a luxury rehab center. What does that mean and is it something you should consider when making a decision about which rehab center you should attend?


A luxury rehab center is generally located in a beautiful, serene environment near the beach or in the mountains. This provides a relaxing place for you to recover and also opens up the doors for more healthy recreational activities.

Luxury rehab centers offer a home-away-from-home feel by providing state-of-the-art facilities that include beautiful living spaces with kitchens, shared bedrooms, and shared entertainment spaces. Many, like Gratitude Lodge, are pet-friendly spaces where you can bring your furry companion to help comfort you through your drug or alcohol rehab journey. 

Also provided are private locations for therapy sessions and facilities for group therapy and meetings. Of utmost importance in a luxury addiction rehab center is providing you with a comfortable place for your detox in California and subsequent recovery.

Along with luxury rehabs providing a serene environment, let’s take a look at the many other benefits they provide for drug and alcohol rehab.


The first step in the recovery process is to go through detox. In a luxury rehab, detox is medically supervised by credentialed personnel around the clock to make sure you are getting the best care and managing withdrawal symptoms well. The other aspects of the luxurious surroundings also contribute to a private, secure and comfortable environment in which to begin your recovery journey. 


With all the amenities, expert staff, and a beautiful location, a luxury rehab center is the best value for your money in terms of giving you all the tools you need to make a successful recovery. Also, some insurance providers will help cover your rehab stay. If you are considering a luxury rehab like Gratitude Lodge, head to our website and do an insurance check to learn more about the care you can receive with your coverage.


At our luxury rehab centers in Long Beach and Newport Beach, Gratitude Lodge offers individualized treatment programs and therapies that are specific to your needs. These include:

  • Behavior therapy to focus on avoiding triggers that could lead to relapse
  • Family therapy that works toward reconciliation and healing
  • One-on-one sessions to cope with anger, stress, and other personal struggles
  • Group meetings to facilitate connections and support from others in recovery
  • Treatment for co-occurring disorders like substance abuse and mental disorders

In addition to offering treatments like these, Gratitude Lodge also follows a holistic approach to healing. Holistic therapy is an approach to healing what ails someone by addressing the entire person. The goal is to achieve balance within the person. This can be done through:

  • Art Therapy
  • Breathwork
  • Yoga
  • Sound Bowls Therapy
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition



Luxury rehabs make sure to keep the patient ratio low, so staff members can provide more one-on-one care to each person. This allows for maximum attention to your needs during detox in California and a better recovery process with individualized care for every patient.


A focus is put on nutrition in luxury rehabs because chances are, your eating habits weren’t the best while suffering from addiction. In rehab, you receive nutritionally balanced meals that help you get back on track physically. You can also learn from the chefs and kitchen staff about how to prepare balanced meals yourself after leaving rehab.


With luxury rehab centers, you don’t have to worry about privacy. While the center may be located in a serene environment, it is secluded so you can retain your privacy and keep a sense of anonymity. This also provides you with minimal distractions so you can focus solely on recovery in a stress-free and anxiety-free environment.


In addition to credentialed medical staff for detox in California, a luxury rehab center also provides experienced and certified staff to care for your needs during recovery. These can include counselors, cooks, security personnel, specialty therapists, and others with unique backgrounds and qualifications. 

Many of our staff at Gratitude Lodge are not only well-trained and experienced in assisting with drug and alcohol rehab, they were once addicts, too. This provides them a unique perspective from both sides of the fence, allowing them to offer sound advice and counsel on the basis of experience.  


If you are seeking a luxury rehab center, look no further than Gratitude Lodge. Located in Long Beach and Newport Beach, we have luxury facilities to make you feel comfortable and meet your specific needs through the recovery journey. Contact us today so we can get you started in the right treatment program and on the road to a new life.


Help for you or a loved one is only one call away.

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