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Detox, or detoxification, is the process of flushing all the residual drugs or alcohol from your body before the recovery process begins. You can expect your body may react in uncomfortable or even startling ways during the detox process. The side effects can be both physical and mental — some are even deadly, depending on your addition.

In order to detox safely, you need to be watched by a credentialed specialist. You may also require medical intervention to help ease some side effects of the process. Detoxing can take varying lengths of time, depending on factors unique to the individual. These include the type of substance abused, how long it was abused, the substance intake method, your genetic makeup and current health condition.

Inpatient and outpatient detox programs are available through Gratitude Lodge near San Diego. We offer inpatient detox programs at our own luxury drug detox center. You’ll stay in our comfortable, welcoming rooms and have access to treatment and counseling professionals during your recovery. We also offer outpatient detox through our local partners. Outpatient detox is not for everyone; it is an option for patients with a less severe addiction and minor side effects. Detox is often uncomfortable, but it’s vital to starting your new sober life.

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Flushing all the toxic substances from your system is the first step to recovery. Detoxing in an alcohol and drug detox center near San Diego is important because your brain may have become dependent on drugs or alcohol, which often affects its chemical makeup. If your dependency is severe, suddenly ending alcohol intake could lead to fatal seizures, and suddenly stopping the intake of benzos (benzodiazepine) could lead to delirium, a lost sense of self, and psychosomatic responses.

At Gratitude Lodge near San Diego, our credentialed staff is trained and medically equipped to provide safe and reliable detox services at our drug detox center. Our team is empathetic, many of them having their own personal experiences with detox, and can guide you through the emotional side of recovery. Detox is often the most difficult part of recovery, which is why personalized care, group therapy support, and an encouraging environment are so essential to a successful journey toward sobriety.

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We provide detox programs for a range of specific substance addictions at our drug and alcohol detox center near San Diego, CA. Click on the links below to learn more!


The admissions staff at our alcohol and drug detox center near San Diego is available 24/7 to answer your questions.



The time it takes to detox and the methods used will largely depend on the length of drug abuse, type of substances abused, methods of intake, and your health. During your initial detox evaluation, you can expect mental and physical screenings, providing family history, recording your own medical history, blood tests, and any necessary medication.


Because you may experience withdrawal symptoms that can vary widely, depending on the substance you’re detoxing from, medical and mental therapies are provided to help stabilize you during detox. You may also receive addiction treatment drugs ranging from antidepressants to pills that suppress the desire for alcohol or drugs.


Our credentialed addiction treatment team will recommend which form of treatment is best suited for your unique situation and condition. Gratitude Lodge inpatient drug detox facilities near San Diego offer structured environments free from distraction and temptation. Outpatient care offers therapy while you live at home and continue your career or family life. We partner with local agencies to offer outpatient care when necessary.



Most people experience withdrawal symptoms during detox as the brain attempts to make up for the feel-good chemicals generated from drug or alcohol addiction. Prescription medication to assist with your withdrawal symptoms may also cause side effects. Here are some side effects you may experience during detox — which is why it’s important to detox under professional care instead of going cold turkey or using at-home detox kits.


Detox is a personal experience unique to the individual and is related to the severity of your addiction and how long you’ve been abusing drugs or alcohol. It can typically take anywhere from days or months to work through withdrawal symptoms. Detoxing from alcohol can take up to a few weeks. Withdrawal from opiates can last up to 10 days, and prescription drug withdrawal can last months or years.

You may have heard of rapid detox or ultra-rapid detox, which requires anesthesia while medication replaces drugs in the body. Though this method is a fast way to remove drugs and avoid withdrawal symptoms, it can be a shock to the system and come with a lot of risks and a higher price tag. This method is usually considered for addictions to opiates and painkillers.


Detox is the first physical step to recovery, and as you begin to emerge from the worst side effects, you will become involved in some basic mental recovery steps after detox. Structured activities, group therapy, and individual counseling are part of most days when you rehab at our luxurious inpatient residential addiction treatment facility near San Diego. After completing inpatient detox and recovery, you may move on to outpatient care, where you can stay in your own home, attend work or school, and attend therapy on a flexible schedule.

As withdrawal symptoms become manageable through detox, you can partake in group activities, learn to live by a set schedule, develop varying responsibilities, and learn skills that will help you become self-sufficient. Adhering to the process of detoxification and recovery to outpatient rehabilitation is what helps establish the foundation of a lasting recovery and decreases the chance of relapse.


We accept most PPO insurances at Gratitude Lodge, whether you’re staying with us for as little as 7 days or more than 90 days. We accept BlueCross BlueShield, Cigna, Aetna, and many more. As with any insurance, the cost depends on your insurance policy deductible and your policy co-pay. Inpatient and outpatient facility costs may vary.

Some insurance policies may limit your care providers or may want you to contribute to the cost. Most treatment facilities can help determine if your insurance is eligible. We’re happy to see if your insurance covers treatment for you or your loved ones. When you choose Gratitude Lodge, you’re choosing a fresh start.

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