Signs of High-Quality Rehab Facilities in California

June 30, 2022

Rehab Facilities in California | Gratitude Lodge

You are ready to seek treatment for drugs and alcohol, but there are so many options available for rehab in California, that you may find it difficult to choose. You want an alcohol and drug rehab that offers one-on-one treatment and the utmost care to make getting sober possible. Plus, you value your privacy and would prefer to be somewhere scenic that allows you to relax and be free of distractions. 

Among the quality rehab facilities in California that provide all of these things and more, none meets and surpasses these criteria like Gratitude Lodge. We are a luxury rehab center that provides expert care while being nestled away in a serene location just a short distance from the beach. And, your pet is welcome to join you in the recovery process. 


A high-quality drug rehab facility puts the focus on individualized care. Gratitude Lodge specializes in personalized care by tailoring a treatment program to your specific needs. We keep a low patient-to-staff ratio to make sure you are getting the attention you need. Everyone’s addiction journey is different and requires different treatments to make a full, lasting recovery. 

Professionals will evaluate you when you arrive, ask questions and collect background information to get a full picture of where your addiction stems from, and determine if you have also been affected mentally. From there, they can build a treatment plan to fully address your addictions and related problems.  


Most high-quality facilities will offer integrated treatment options. One of those options offered by Gratitude Lodge is a holistic therapy. This is an approach to healing by balancing the whole body physically and psychologically through different methods. This type of therapy includes: 

  • Art Therapy
  • Breathwork
  • Yoga
  • Sound Bowls Therapy
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition

These methods focus on the mind, body, emotions, and spirit, so they all become balanced and optimal health can be achieved. Holistic therapy can help keep you in a positive mindset while warding off depression and anxiety, giving you a better chance at recovery.


We know as an addict seeking help, you value your privacy and may even prefer to stay anonymous during the treatment process. A high-quality rehab also values this aspect and we work to make sure that you have your privacy and that you feel safe. Our facilities at Gratitude Lodge are semi-secluded in a scenic environment, so you feel secure. All our locations minimize distractions from the outside world.


A sign of a high-quality rehab is a professional staff. Team members and therapists are licensed and accredited in their field and have expert care skills. Many of the staff members once went through the recovery process themselves, so they have first-hand experience in what you are going through and the feelings that come with overcoming addiction. Credentialed team members are also on staff during detox to provide expert medical care 24/7 for any withdrawal symptoms or medical issues that arise.


High-quality rehabs generally provide luxury accommodations in a safe and serene environment. At Gratitude Lodge, we provide a place where you live together with fellow recovering addicts to provide community and a support network. You have shared bedrooms and living spaces along with a state-of-the-art kitchen and outdoor spaces to relax. Our luxury rehab centers also have pet-friendly spaces where you can bring your pet to help comfort you through your journey. 


As you are getting ready to leave a rehab addiction center, you may still have concerns about returning to a normal life without the help you have been receiving in rehab. A high-quality rehab facility will make sure to equip you with the skills you need to cope with life’s stresses. If you are still unsure, we offer a continuing outpatient program where you can return to your life but still attend the meetings and therapy you need on a weekly basis. 

We also have a sober living house facility where you live in a house with fellow recovering addicts and still attend meetings and therapy, but also have the independence to go to work or school. This allows you to begin learning what it is going to be like once you return to a normal lifestyle while still having support from a community.


If you are ready to seek help with your addiction at a high-quality rehab facility, look to Gratitude Lodge. Our locations in Long Beach and Newport Beach provide everything you need to recover from addiction and begin a new life. Reach out to us today through phone or email for more information on our programs. We are ready to help you on your road to recovery.


Help for you or a loved one is only one call away.


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