June 24, 2022

7 Common Addiction Recovery Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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The road to recovery can be long and challenging. Not only are you detoxing the body from drugs or alcohol, you are dealing with numerous emotions and feelings that have to be properly treated as well. Mistakes are a real possibility during this process, so to help you avoid some of them, let’s take a look at seven of the most common mistakes that occur during and after alcohol and drug rehab. 


It is easy to think drug rehab is a journey you have to do alone; after all, you got yourself into this so it only seems right to get yourself out, right? Wrong! Trying to recover alone is one of the biggest mistakes you can make because it leads to a negative mindset (depression and anxiety). 

A recovery journey requires a positive mindset to get better. To do that, you have to surround yourself with a supportive community. Find people who can relate with you and support you through this journey. The staff and therapists at a rehab addiction center like Gratitude Lodge can form your first safe and supportive community to help guide you and motivate you throughout your drug or alcohol rehab journey.


The treatment of mental health disorders is just as important as treating a substance abuse disorder because of how they work hand in hand. Mental disorders can lead a person into addiction as well as addiction can cause a mental disorder to surface. At a rehab addiction center, they work to treat co-occurring disorders simultaneously so that you are mentally and physically well. These are key components in being free from addiction.


Expectations have to be kept in check to maintain a good balance of emotions in recovery. One unrealistic expectation you may have is that recovery will happen fast. This is not the case with addiction. It is a long process to reset your brain chemistry as well as your behavior. It is said to take 66 days for a new behavior to become a habit. If you believe you will get better fast, then you will only be disappointed and end up feeding a negative mindset. Instead, stay committed to the recovery for the long haul and know that it is a slow process. 


You’re feeling good and healthy after treatment in a drug addiction center, so you believe you’ve been cured of addiction. Unfortunately, no one is ever completely cured of addiction. Addiction is a disease, so it is something that has to be managed for the rest of your life. Staying free of addiction means remaining abstinent from drugs and alcohol and making sure your physical and mental health stays at its peak. 


A big mistake that can be made after leaving drug or alcohol rehab is returning to the same lifestyle or falling back into bad habits. Returning to toxic friendships and places can expose you to triggers and temptations. A rehab center near me in CA will teach you how to set boundaries for yourself, so you can avoid temptation and deal with unexpected triggers. You have to be willing to let go of the toxic things in your life to attain a sober lifestyle.


“Comparison is the thief of joy.” This famous quote is true for your addiction journey, too. If you are comparing your journey to others’ journeys, then you are feeding negative emotions in yourself. This will cause you to struggle in your own journey and may even lead to a relapse. What you should be focused on is supporting others around you and celebrating each other’s accomplishments.


Shame is a negative emotion that will not help you be successful in your recovery journey. You may be feeling ashamed about asking for help. It takes a lot of courage and humility to ask and those are feelings that typically aren’t present in addicts. No one likes to admit they are struggling; but as someone who is struggling with an addiction, you will feel much better when you do ask for help. The rehab staff is ready to help you in a judgment-free zone. If you find that you’re slipping back into bad habits, don’t be afraid to tell someone that you are struggling again. 


If you are in search of treatment for drugs and alcohol in California, then check out Gratitude Lodge. We have luxurious locations in Long Beach and Newport Beach to serve you. We work with you to provide individualized treatment and therapy so you can get better and learn how to live a sober lifestyle. Contact us today with questions and concerns. We want to help you get your life back on track and help you avoid any mistakes that occur during the recovery journey.

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